Diploma of Business


1-Year Diploma or pathway to a business degree at ICMS or UTS

Stand-alone Diploma qualification

or your pathway to an business degree at UTS or ICMS

Organisations around the world require people with broad business and management skills. The Diploma of Business allows you to study an innovative blend of business subjects, opening up a range of potential job opportunities.

The Diploma of Business equips you with the skills needed for a successful career in any sector of the diverse and dynamic business industry. You will gain an insight into key elements of managing people and organisations, marketing, communication and accounting, and deepen your knowledge of contemporary business practices.

The Diploma of Business offers you a stand-alone qualification through the Aspire Institute or, should you wish to further your studies, you could choose to use your diploma qualification as a pathway into the second year of a bachelor degree, with successfully completed subjects counting towards a bachelor degree at the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) or at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

Upon successful completion of the Diploma of Business you will receive advanced standing for subjects which are part of a bachelor business degree at ICMS or UTS.

All Aspire diploma students are part of the greater ICMS student community, with lectures held at our Northern Beaches Campus or at our new City Campus, subject to availability. Aspire students receive dedicated academic support, including study skills.

What you will learn

  • Develop technical and theoretical business knowledge and concepts with some depth
  • Develop basic academic and applied research skills in a business project brief
  • Identify appropriate sources of data for problem solving in a global business context
  • Explain the importance of ethical and sustainable business practices in a global context
  • Describe solutions to routine business situations
  • Name specialist business technology
  • Present project findings in both written and personal presentation forms to diverse audiences in business contexts
  • Apply technical business knowledge to a range of business contexts
  • Use business management principles and motivational factors to diverse individuals and teams
  • Appraise performance of self and others in business environments

Quick Facts

Course NameDiploma of BusinessDiploma of Business
Pathway OptionsInternational College of Management, Sydney (ICMS)
or University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS)
or University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
CRICOS Code01011120101112
UAC Code530501530502
Accreditation StatusActiveActive
AQF Level55
CampusNorthern Beaches Campus, ManlyCity Campus
Duration1 Year (or part time equivalent)1 Year (or part time equivalent)
Study Modeon campus | onlineon campus | online
StartMain Intakes: February, May, August
Mid-Term Intakes: March, June, October & December
Main Intakes: February, May, August
Mid-Term Intakes: March, June, October & December
Annual Indicative Student Enrolmentsn/a (new curriculum)n/a (new curriculum)
Entry RequirementsDomestic Students

International Students

Domestic Students

International Students

Course Structure

TermSubject TypeSubject CodeSubject Name
T1COREBUS101APathway to Success
COREACC101AFinancial and Commercial Literacy
COREMGT102AGlobal Citizenship
COREMGT101AManagement Solutions for a Changing World
T2CORESTA101AData Informed Decision Making
ELECTIVEAny subject from the list of elective subjects belowElective 100
ELECTIVEAny subject from the list of elective subjects belowElective 100

Elective Listing

Pathway Programs

Attendance Policy

For the attendance Policy please see the hand book.


Sample subjects

Pathway to Success (BUS101A)

In order to be a successful and to develop your career skills ready for work, it is essential to understand and integrate a range of tertiary tools and skills that you can use to demonstrate your growing academic ability and career readiness. 

This subject takes a holistic approach in supporting you on your pathway to success. It focuses on supporting your smooth transition into the College and developing your academic skills and performance, so you can maximise success in your chosen program. Through engaging classroom activities, you’ll get to test out your growing informational literacy and interpersonal skills; using them to clearly communicate to a given audience both orally and in writing. Towards the end of the subject, you’ll focus on what lies ahead; developing an employability toolkit which will help you enter and succeed in the professional workplace.

Marketing (MKT101A)

Marketing has changed significantly over the past decades from traditional to contemporary marketing. While traditional marketing is still relevant today to some, many more businesses are reaping greater profits using contemporary marketing strategies.  

This subject will expose students to a range of contemporary marketing strategies including database marketing, relationship marketing, interaction marketing, networking marketing, customer engagement using co-creation marketing strategies, and marketing ethics. The aforementioned principles of marketing are demonstrated using situations that students will encounter in their professional practice of marketing.

This Diploma leads to the following Bachelor’s Degree

International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS)
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
International College of Management Sydney
University of Technology Sydney
Bachelor of BusinessBachelor of Business
B Business (Accounting)
B Business (Economics)
B Business (Finance)
B Business (Financial Services)
B Business (Human Resources)
B Business (Marketing)
B Business (Business Law – second major)
B Business (Information Technology – second major)
CRICOS: 101110
CRICOS: 00687A