Diploma of Property


1-Year Diploma or pathway to ICMS Bachelor of Property
(Development, Investment & Valuation)


Stand-alone Diploma qualification

or a pathway to an ICMS Bachelor of Property (Development, Investment & Valuation)

Property is one of the fastest growing sectors in Australia. The Diploma of Property is the perfect starting point to lay a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise in this potentially lucrative industry.

The Diploma of Property produces graduates who are professionally competent and capable of taking their place in a competitive global environment. As a graduate, you will have an understanding of the fundamentals of business, and have the practical skills to be able to make an immediate contribution to the specialised area of Property.

Consisting of six core business subjects and three property specialisation subjects, this course will equip you for entry-level positions across the field of property.

As your career develops, the knowledge and experience gained while studying the Diploma of Property could take you in many diverse directions in industrial, rural, commercial and residential areas of the property sector.

The Diploma of Property offers you a stand-alone qualification through Aspire or, should you wish to further your studies, you could choose to use your diploma qualification as a pathway into a bachelor degree such as the Bachelor of Property (Development, Investment and Valuation) at ICMS, with completed specialisations and subjects counting towards your degree. Upon successful completion of the Diploma of Property you will receive advanced standing for subjects in an ICMS bachelor degree.

All Aspire students are part of the ICMS student community, with lectures held at our Northern Beaches campus. Aspire students receive dedicated academic support including study skills.

What You Will Learn

  • Develop technical and theoretical property industry knowledge and concepts with some depth.
  • Develop basic academic and applied research skills in an industry context to enable decision making.
  • Identify appropriate sources of data for problem solving in property industry and other related contexts.
  • Explain the importance of ethical and sustainable business practices in a global context.
  • Use decision making and problem-solving skills to develop solutions to property and business-related contexts.
  • Employ appropriate skills and technologies widely used in the industry.
  • Present findings in both written and oral presentation forms to diverse property industry audiences.
  • Apply technical business knowledge to a range of settings and contexts.
  • Apply business management principles and motivational factors to property industry team environments.
  • Appraise performance of self and others in professional environments.

Career Opportunities

The Diploma of Property positions graduates for roles such as: Facilities Coordinator, Leasing Coordinator, Assistant Project Manager, Property Development Coordinator, Property Assistant, Assistant Property Analyst

Quick Facts

Course NameDiploma of Property
CRICOS Code106413J
UAC Code530520
Accreditation StatusActive
AQF Level5
CampusNorthern Beaches Campus, Manly | Online*
*core business subjects may be offered in the City Campus, subject to availability.
Duration1 year (or part time equivalent)
Study Modeon campus | online
StartMain Intakes: February, May, August
Mid-Term Intakes: March, June, October & December
Indicative Student Enrolments5 Diploma students and 94 Bachelor of Property (Development, Investment and Valuation) students in 2022

Entry RequirementsDomestic Students

International Students

Pathway optionInternational College of Management Sydney (ICMS)

Course Structure

TermSubject TypeSubject CodeSubject Name
T1COREBUS101APathway to Success
COREACC101AFinancial and Commercial Literacy
SPECIALISATIONPRO120AIntroduction to the Property Industry
T2COREMGT102AGlobal Citizenship
CORESTA101AData Informed Decision Making
SPECIALISATIONPRO134AProperty Development
COREMGT101AManagement Solutions for a Changing World
SPECIALISATIONPRO110APrinciples of Valuation

Pathway Programs

Attendance Policy

For the attendance Policy please see the Policy Library.


Sample subjects

Property Development PRO134A

Property development is like a system made up of a series of interconnected parts. Some of these parts, in no particular order, include the building components, materials, plans, sketches, covered in our subject Introduction to the Property Industry, to planning controls, approvals, assessing feasibility, securing financing, the decision to keep or sell and not to mention the actual construction, all of which make up the development process.

In this subject, students will develop the foundation knowledge and skills to enable them to conduct site feasibility on a hypothetical subdivision, ensuring relevant planning controls are met, applications completed whilst recognising the importance of sustainability and maintaining ethical standards.

Introduction to the Property Industry PRO120A

The property industry is dynamic and diverse, employing more people than any other sector. A diverse industry also means there is a range of areas offering varied opportunities to suit different skills, personalities and career interests, with many areas being interrelated.

This foundation subject aims to provide students with a well- rounded understanding of key terms and concepts, principles, practices and theory pertaining to areas including property development and investment, valuation and management allowing subsequent subjects to build upon these foundations.

This Diploma leads to the following Bachelor’s Degree

International College of Marketing, Sydney (ICMS)

CRICOS: 106412K