Diploma of Information Technology

Diploma of Information Technology

1-Year Diploma or pathway to Bachelor of Information Technology

Information Technology

Stand-alone Diploma qualification

or your pathway to an ICMS Bachelor of Information Technology

The accelerating pace of workplace digitisation is driving the global demand for graduates equipped with broad Information Technology (IT) knowledge and proficiencies.

The Diploma of Information Technology has been designed to develop a broad knowledge of IT fundamentals and practical IT skills so that graduates will be able to make an immediate contribution to industry.

As a Diploma of Information Technology student, you will gain essential IT career development skills and a broad understanding of information systems, networking, programming, database management, and cybersecurity, preparing you for diverse roles in the IT industry, whilst developing your intellectual skills and competencies.

The qualification will provide you with industry-relevant competencies for a successful start to your career in the IT field. Diploma of Information Technology graduates will be professionally competent and capable of taking on entry and support IT roles within this exciting and competitive global environment.

This course includes a total of 8 subjects, including:

  • 6 Core IT subjects
  • 1 Specified IT Elective subject
  • 1 General Elective subject

Aspire Institute, is a trading name of ICMS, International College of Management, Sydney Pty Ltd. The Diploma of Information Technology offers you a stand-alone ICMS qualification delivered through the Aspire Institute or, should you wish to further your studies, you could choose to use your diploma qualification as a pathway into a bachelor program at ICMS, with completed subjects counting towards your degree. Upon successful completion of the Diploma of Information Technology you will receive advanced standing (credit) for an ICMS Bachelor of Information Technology degree.

All Aspire students are part of the ICMS student community, with lectures held at our Northern Beaches Campus and at our City Campus, subject to availability. Aspire students receive dedicated academic support, including study skills.

Career Opportunities

The Diploma of Information Technology will provide learners with core IT knowledge and skills, preparing them for roles such as:  

  • IT Support Officer 
  • Systems Administrator 
  • Data Centre Technician 
  • Information Officer 
  • Help Desk Technician 
  • Application Support Analyst 

What you will learn

  • Demonstrate broad knowledge of the IT discipline across a spectrum of core domains.
  • Apply knowledge and skills from an area of the IT discipline to propose small scale IT-driven solutions to real world scenarios. 
  • Work collaboratively and productively with others from diverse backgrounds in a range of IT contexts, exhibiting professional ethics and cultural awareness. 
  • Develop and demonstrate essential IT literacy in the contemporary digital landscape with awareness of digital identity concepts and emerging industry trends. 
  • Reflect upon own learning experiences, developing lifelong learning and self- management skills and evolving as an IT practitioner and learner.

Quick Facts

Course NameDiploma of Business (Entrepreneurship)
CRICOS Code115063G
UAC Code530552 (Manly)
530553 (Sydney City)
Accreditation StatusActive
AQF Level5
CampusNorthern Beaches Campus, Manly | City Campus, subject to availability.
Duration1 year (or part time equivalent)
Study Modeon campus | online*
StartMain Intakes: February, May, August
Mid-Term Intakes**: March, June, October & December
Entry RequirementsDomestic Students

International Students

Further Study optionBachelor of Information Technology at International College of Management Sydney (ICMS)

* In accordance with the Australian Government ESOS National Code international students on a student visa can only undertake 33% of their total enrolment load online and must be enrolled in at least one (1) on-campus subject in each compulsory study period. Learn more

** Mid-term intakes are only available to student depending on demand.

Course Structure

TermSubject TypeSubject CodeSubject Name
1COREBUS101APathway to Success
COREICT101AIS Fundamentals
COREICT102ANetwork Fundamentals
COREICT103AProgramming Principles
2COREDAT101ADatabase Systems
CORECYB101ACyber Security Essentials
SPECIFIED ELECTIVEView Specified Electives
GENERAL ELECTIVEView General Electives

Sample subjects

Information System (IS) Fundamentals (ICT101A)

The technology landscape is rapidly evolving from fraud intelligence for financial institutions to remote robotic surgeries for doctors; all thanks to the many advancements in information systems (IS). As IS continues to be embedded in our daily lives, understanding the essential constituents of the IS ecosystem and its real-world applications is crucial for information technology practitioners to bridge business needs with the potential power of IS.   

 This subject presents students with a broad overview of the IS discipline, its integrant elements, applications, and underpinning people, process, and technology dimensions, equipping them with the foundational knowledge for further study in their course. Students will explore the uses of IS as an enabler in diverse business contexts and the capabilities it offers for organisations in collecting, processing, maintaining, using, sharing, and disseminating information.   

 Students will study different types of IS technologies in this subject with practical exposure to information sources and industry-recognised digital tools for managing information. They will also examine the contemporary issues inherent in the global IS domain and their implications from organisational and broader societal contexts.   

Cyber Security Essentials (CYB101A)

Globalisation in digital communication and the related interconnectivity in cyberspace, making us increasingly susceptible to cyber-attacks, regardless of our individual and operational contexts. Citizens, organisations, and governments across the world are prone to a variety of exploitations in this vast virtual domain. It is critical for ICT professionals to have a sound grasp of cybersecurity concepts and practices as the custodians of information systems and the data and information surrounding them.  

This subject introduces students to the fundamental concepts of cybersecurity. It explores cyber trends and issues, including their associated challenges and impact on individuals, companies, and institutions. Students will examine the cybersecurity discipline holistically, including topics related to cybercrime, cyberethics, cyber hygiene, cybersecurity operations, threat response and management, and cyber-governance. 

Students will gain essential knowledge of various cybersecurity domains such as information security principles, systems and network security, and defence and mitigation techniques for safeguarding organisational assets. They will also learn how to protect their privacy in the online space and operate as a responsible ICT professional. 

This subject is aligned with the two Cisco Networking Academy subjects, Introduction to Cybersecurity and Cybersecurity Essentials, that are fundamental in the Cybersecurity Pathway and the gateway to the CyberOps Associate certification. 

This Diploma leads to the following Bachelor’s Degree

International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS)
International College of Management Sydney
Bachelor of Information Technology
CRICOS: 115067C