Professional Attire

Professional Attire

Professional Attire

At Aspire, students are given the opportunity to wear their professional attire on campus and in class. This allows students to be workplace ready!

Aspire expects students to dress as if they were already in their future professional working environment.

Professional Attire Includes

  • full business suit – coordinated jacket and trousers/skirt/dress;
  • tailored separates;
  • professional shirt/blouse/top, usually collared and buttoned;
  • tie (if applicable);
  • belt;
  • enclosed business shoes;
  • name badges (provided by the Institution) for Grand Dining Room students and all student-facing staff (e.g. Operations team, Student Life team, Work Integrated Learning team, Program Managers and lecturers).

Are you looking for outfit inspiration? Browse the ICMS Business attire gallery

Professional Attire Guidelines

Typically, the following items do not constitute business attire:

  • jeans;
  • t-shirts, polo shirts or tank tops;
  • board shorts;
  • mini-skirts;
  • open-toed shoes or sandals;
  • sneakers;
  • outlandish pieces of jewellery;
  • casual dresses;
  • sheer or cropped tops;
  • singlets;
  • ripped clothing;
  • ill-fitting clothing or clothing that exposes the mid riff;
  • active or beach wear.

Smart Casual Attire

On occasion throughout the study period (as determined by the Institution), and during vacation periods, staff and students may be permitted to wear smart casual attire. Staff and students are notified in advance of planned smart casual days. Acceptable smart casual attire includes:

  • professional, but relaxed, separates;
  • relaxed jacket (optional);
  • smart, unfrayed jeans;
  • neat shirt/blouse/top;
  • polished, practical footwear;
  • items with minimal logos and branding.

Shorts, tank tops, frayed clothing, thongs/flip-flops and other open toe shoes are not acceptable.

Smart casual attire should be appropriate for the Institution’s diverse community and must not display any political, religious or offensive statements/language.