Living in Sydney

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Living in Sydney

Study in one of the most beautiful cities in the world

Living in Sydney

Sydney’s Lifestyle

Continuously rated in the top ten cities in the world to live (Mercer 2012), and with a fantastic education industry, studying and living in Sydney is a incredible and rewarding experience. Starting with our beautiful harbour and beaches, our combination of urban and outdoor living, culturally diverse and friendly community, Sydney is a fun and inspiring city in which to live and study. The beautiful harbour, pristine beaches and temperate climate mean you will be able to enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle, while a vibrant social and cultural scene, with museums, theatres, galleries, and hundreds of restaurants, bars and cafes will give you the chance to meet and make new friends, no matter what your interests.

Sydney is also Australia’s number one business destination. With many multinational companies located here, it accounts for 30% of the country’s economic activity. This gives Aspire access to some of Australia’s finest industry professionals. For more information about Sydney visit

Sydney in Numbers…

Sydney, Australia was recently voted the 4th most desirable student city in the world (EIU’s Global Livability Index, 2023).

Sydney scored 95 for stability, 100 for healthcare, 94.4 for culture and environment, 100 for education, and 100 for infrastructure, totalling 97.4 overall.

Getting Around…

Ferry – The most spectacular way to get around Sydney and for quick access between the CBD and Manly (15 min) you can’t beat Sydney Ferries. Enjoy regular services between Manly and 20 other ferry terminals, it’s the most beautiful way to get around. Learn more at Learn more at

Bus – The Bus network is a great way to get around Sydney in general. Students have access to discounted weekly bus tickets. Learn more at

Train – Transport NSW (manages Sydney’s train network) offers a convenient and relatively cheap way to travel, particularly to the outer suburbs of Sydney. Learn more at

Bike – Manly has an extensive bicycle network with over 20kms of dedicated bicycle tracks to follow. Bicycle racks are available all over the Manly area. Furthermore, there is also the Whistler Street Bicycle Parking Station. There are a number of businesses offering bicycle rental including: Manly Bike Tours –