Subject Code: EVT100


This subject examines in detail the components of event operations from a planning and execution perspective. Event Managers need to assess Project Site Risk Financial Labour and Transport management factors and the associated logistics and time management control methods when executing an event. This subject looks at the components of event execution and the associated control document resources required to support the staging of safe and well managed events. With an increasing use of event software programmes being used to run an event, you are trained to use Events Pro in a simulated event environment.

This subject examines the methodologies required to ensure an event is run smoothly and safely from start to finish and the issues that highlight the human element involved in staging a successful event. Future Event Managers need to understand all the technical and logistical characteristics of successful event management.


The aim of this subject is to provide you with the skills and experience necessary to undertake planning and management of event operations and logistics. Incorporated in this aim, is the importance of understanding event management principles and logistics of Project, Site, Labour, Financial, Risk, Transport and Time management, required to control and budget all aspects of event logistics.
The Events Air cloud component provides a solid introduction to Events Air, a fully integrated event project software program. Tutorials involve simulated entries, based on the organisation of meetings, conferences and exhibitions, using Events Air Online. This subject will examine how these computer programmes can assist in tracking all the issues associated with event planning and implementation.

Teaching and Learning Strategy

The strategies for teaching this subject will be formal lectures, relevant case studies, class discussions, site inspections, group and individual activities and Guest speakers. Events Pro training is conducted in workshop sessions in a computer lab.
This subject is divided into 2 distinct sections.

Section 1: Week 1 to 7~ Event Operations and Logistics

Section 2: Week 8 to 11~Events Air Computer Software Programme

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a solid understanding of Event “Logistic and Staging” Terms & Definitions used by Event Managers
  2. Identify the project management operational components of planning and staging an event
  3. Create effective control documents and templates to be used for planning and staging an event
  4. Identify the risks associated with staging an event, with different event briefs and venue considerations and complete a Risk Assessment
  5. Demonstate how to create and manage information for staging an Event using Events Air cloud software programme
  6. Demonstrate competency in using Events Air system to generate and print reports and control documents for staging an event


Exams will take place in weeks 12 & 13. Please refer to the official Exam Timetable for further information.

There are 3 assessments for this subject:

Logistics Manual: Development of a Logistics Manual for an Event

A full Event Brief will be distributed in week 2 and discussed weekly in your Tutorials.


As the Event Manager your task is to design, prepare & collate 10 documents for the Event Operations & Logistics manual for an Outdoor Community event in Manly. Your Client will be allocated to you and your need to adhere to all Northern Beaches Council Guidelines including the application process based on your event ideas. Full details of your event will be given to you on the Assessment brief.

PART A: Event Manual Documents: 80% of overall mark

  1. Event Brief (5 %)
  2. Maps & Site Plans ( 15 % )
  3. Gantt Chart (15%)
  4. Production Schedule (inc: B.I.B.O.) (15%)
  5. Risk Assessment (10 risks) (10%)
  6. Budget template (10%)
  7. Transport Map (10%)
  8. Incident site report (5%)
  9. Organisational Chart (5 %)
  10. Volunteer Advertisement aimed at ICMS Events & Hospitality students (10%)

PART B: Event Operations Review 20 % of overall mark. As the event manager, discuss the key operational issues of this particular event, in relation to the 6 managements, that you would have to take into consideration for your event logistics and operations. Consider the location, timings and demographics. (max 500 words)

You must begin working on this Event manual project from week 2. All sections will be covered in Tutorials but Self Study is required each week to complete each document and a solid understanding of the event site and brief is expected for you to complete the Logistics Manual.

Event Management Software Training: Events Pro Training Reports

To support the Events Pro Training these training reports must be submitted.

  • Event A. Code Database and Attendee summary
  • Event B. Code Database and Attendee summary

Event Management Software Training: Events Pro Certification Exam

Practical Exam (closed book) assessing ability to set up and use Events Pro for a
conference event.

NoTypeWeightingLearning Outcomes
1Individual Assignment60.00%1,2,3,4
2Individual Assignment15.00%5,6
3Practical Examination25.00%5,6