Subject Code: EVT200


Understanding event technologies enables the event manager to successfully combine show-craft, theming, staging and concept design with the core objectives of staging the event. Key areas of event production and design include script writing, voice-over copy editing, event printed materials, room layouts, power, lights, sound, audio visual and special effects, music, colour, decorations and costumes. This subject provides both theoretical and practical application in these areas and will enhance your ability to make informed and appropriate decisions based on your knowledge and on the given circumstances of a variety of events.


This subject examines the concept of themed events and provides an overview of the reasons for special events, an event producer’s responsibilities and roles within the event team. Focus is on exploring creative ideas, understanding what makes a winning proposal, and putting your knowledge into practise.

Teaching and Learning Strategy

Formal lectures followed by tutorials, encouraging class discussions. A third LAB class allowing mentored group work, with a focus on analyzing the creative process in thorough awareness of event brief. Both group and individual exercises and assessments will assist you to develop a comprehensive understanding of event production.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop ideas from a given client brief and translate ideas into writing

  2. Demonstrate an understanding of appropriate theming concepts

  3. Utilise different resources to enhance the theme of an event including decor, lighting, staging, sound and entertainment

  4. Create event documentation that is meaningful, for effective communication across a range of suppliers and clients.

  5. Understand the importance and impact of AV and event design in a variety of events, and how to use technical equipment to create atmosphere

  6. Apply the practical aspects involved in producing a professional client pitch


Exams will take place in weeks 12 & 13. Please refer to the official Exam Timetable for further information.

The assessments are designed to help you understand the interaction of all aspects of event production and the factors that need to be considered when pitching a winning proposal. This will give you a theoretical and practical application in a variety of events

The Assessments will evaluate:

  • Your understanding of concepts/principles discussed in the subject
  • Ability to apply the concepts and logics thereof
  • Capacity to develop and support a winning written proposal and pitch
  • Ability to analyse, critique and THINK!
  • Ability to relate all elements of an event to objective of event
  • Your knowledge and confidence in creating event content

This subject has 3 assessment tasks, 2 being assessed individually, and one being a group assignment. All assessment tasks MUST be submitted to complete subject requirements. All assessment briefs are on moodle and will be explained in class.

NoTypeWeightingLearning Outcomes
1Online Discussion25.00%2,5
2Individual Assignment35.00%1,2
3Group Assignment25.00%1,2,3,4,5,6
4Group Assignment15.00%1,2,3,4,5,6