Subject Code: EVT120


Venue management includes the methods and skills you need to source, negotiate and manage venue personnel you will liaise with when staging an event at a venue. This subject requires you to place yourself in the position of the Event Manager, faced with making a range of decisions related to venue management. Working with clients, venue briefs, site inspections, staff management and creating an initial event brief.

The subject also provides an insight into the hospitality sector from a service perspective for event management students. You will be faced with making a range of decisions related to the planning and preparation of tasks for overall banquet operations, including wedding co-ordination; dealing with suppliers, client briefs, timelines and the law, which not only tests your theoretical knowledge of the subject but also enhances your ability to make informed and appropriate decisions based on that knowledge and the given circumstances of a variety of situations.


The aim of this subject is to provide a basic introduction to venue management as it applies to the event management industry. It is designed to give event management students skills in how to negotiate and liaise with venues when staging an event.

Teaching and Learning Strategy

Demonstrations, class discussions, group exercises, class presentations and on-site site inspections will assist you in a more comprehensive understanding of venue management in an event management context.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Conduct effective site inspections and understand the operations of venue management.
  2. Applying knowledge and demonstrating effective project management skills relating to venue management.
  3. Create an event research report encompassing all aspects and elements of venue management.
  4. Knowledge of function organisation from a hospitality operational point of view.
  5. Understand the fundamental issues underpinning the production and service of food and beverages in a venue catering environment.
  6. Understand, analyse and apply knowledge of wine appreciation, function service, service styles and coffee and tea service.


Exams will take place in weeks 12 & 13. Please refer to the official Exam Timetable for further information.

1. Banquet Services Planning – 20%

An individual assessment on a practical service exercise held in the Grand Dining Room in week 10.
Students will be assessed on product knowledge, professionalism and a variety of skills required for banquet
service such as teamwork, grooming, plated service, beverage service, and napkin folding.

2. Venue Research Project- 30%

You have been hired by a client to co-ordinate their event. Select one of the following events for this assessment

  • Fundraising Charity event for 130 guests
  • Anniversary event for 100 guests
  • Corporate event for 110 guests
  • Social event for 70 guests
  • Sports event for 150 guests

Write a report outlining the keys areas required for planning and preparing the above chosen event. In your report you must include the following topics;

  • Prepare the Event brief.
  • Describe what is included in the theme of the event.
  • Source three venues that would be suitable for the event. Explain the pros and cons of each of the three
    venues. After choosing the most suitable venue for the event explain why you chose it you are to look at venues that provide functions for a maximum of 200 guests. Exclude hotel chains and convention centres.
  • Prepare a list of 20 questions and notes and conduct a site inspection of the venue.
  • Prepare a venue brief based on the information gathered from the site inspection.
  • Provide information on the two different types of entertainment and their requirements. Make sure they are not same.
  • Prepare and draw a floor plan for the event clearly outlining all requirements for this event on the floor
  • What type of food and beverage catering will be available at the event.
  • Prepare a check list regarding the above event specifically detailing things to do the day prior to the event and on the day.
  • Prepare a run sheet for the event.

*** Refer to the ICMS Style Guide for reference to writing business reports. Make sure you check your grammar, spelling, report structure and referencing. You are required to source at least 10 resources.

Due: Week 8 via Turn It In

3. Banquet Operations Report- 30%

You have just completed your Bachelor of Business in Event Management and have successfully been appointed as the Event Coordinator at ICMS. You have had an enquiry by a potential client who would like to hold their food and beverage function here at ICMS at the headland/tennis court area.

You are required to create a proposal in a Business report format for the client and ICMS, in order for both parties to be fully informed about the operation of the function.

Areas required for the proposal:

  • Theme & Description; give a full description of the function, the client and attendees
  • Finalised Food and Beverage Menu to be served at this function
  • Back of house locations and description
  • List of all the food service equipment that would be required for this event.
  • Service style used- why did you select that style?
  • Advantages & disadvantages of the operation of the event. What are your solutions?
  • Two (2) real existing suppliers you are going to use for the function- one for front of house items and one for back of house items. Why did you select them for this event? What do they offer?
  • Select any three hospitality positions of staff and describe their roles and responsibilities that would be useful for this function.
  • Outline all staffing levels – how many of each staff will you need?
  • Uniform requirements for all staff
  • Banquet Event Order (to be submitted as an appendix)
  • Floor plan(s) of the entire function (clearly labelled). This should provide enough detail to allow for operations to set up your function

Marking guide outline:

You will be marked on the following:

  • Up to date information relating to the above topics and their impact on the hospitality/event industry (relative research, articles and references);
  • Understanding of the complexity of the links between the topics and the hospitality/event industry;
  • Report Format – Correct structure and referencing based on the ICMS style guide;
  • Your report must contain at least six specific information sources. This may include Hospitality personnel, product suppliers, newspapers, magazines, food and beverage reference books, internet, trade shows and exhibitions, television shows etc;
  • Each source must be thoroughly referenced and contain content that is relative and/or applicable to Australian hospitality employees i.e. American websites outlining American food hygiene would be marked incorrect;
  • Marks will be deducted for late assessments (5% each day);

More Information

It is expected that ICMS is to cater and serve your function. If you decide to outsource any of these key areas, you must provide strong justification for your decision and what advantages/disadvantages this brings to your function.

Although you are not expected to submit pricing, the decisions you make need to demonstrate that your function concept is viable and competitive in the marketplace.

4. Wedding Pitch Presentation – 20%

Your group oral presentation must include an inspiration board and PowerPoint presentation.

  • Groups of 4 or 5
  • 8-10 minute presentation (everyone in the group must speak)
  • Theme
  • Venue
  • Transport – for both the bridal party and guests
  • Menu – food and beverage including a signature drink
  • Floor Plan (one for the ceremony and one for the reception)
  • Gifts for guests
  • Entertainment x 4 (for ceremony and reception)
  • Decorations (similar to a Pinterest concept board)
  • Run Sheet (for ceremony and reception)
  • Wow Factor
  • A tangible inspiration board featuring colour palettes, material swatches, creative images

The presentation must be creative and have tangible elements, for example – set up a wedding table, have sample food, wine and signature drink, decorations and centre piece creations etc.

Wedding Briefs (choose 1)

  • (You can choose the guest numbers)
  • NSW hinterland/country wedding
  • Overseas (Destination wedding)
  • Queensland coastal/tropical wedding
NoTypeWeightingLearning Outcomes
1Individual Assignment20.00%4,5
2Individual Assignment30.00%1,2,3
3Individual Assignment30.00%1,2,3
4Group Assignment20.00%4,5,6