This subject gives a broad introduction to Australian history and culture that influenced and shaped contemporary Australian society.


The unit aims to develop students’ understanding of the forces that have shaped contemporary Australian society and key aspects of indigenous culture. The unit also examines Australia’s regional and international role. As a result of completing this unit, students will develop a sense of personal, community, national and global identity and the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that will equip them to participate as responsible citizens in maintaining and improving the quality of Australian society and environment.

Teaching and Learning Strategy

This unit will be taught through face to face lectures, tutorials and supervised self-directed study. The material and concepts introduced in lecture format will be examined, amplified and explained in tutorials with the use of practical examples. The Unit includes a Field trip / excursion to enhance understanding. Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the factors that have shaped / shaping Australian society

  2. Demonstrate an understanding of key historical, social, cultural and environmental factors relating to the study of Australian society

  3. Identify important aspects of the evolution of the Australian political system and the delivery of governance on a federal and state level

  4. Demonstrate understanding and appreciation of Australia in its global and regional context, specifically concepts of geopolitics and cultural conflict

  5. Understand key components of indigenous culture in Australia

  6. Identify key changes in immigration policy that have influenced modern Australia


Exams will take place in week 13. Please refer to the official Exam Timetable for further information.

Week 5 – Oral Presentation 20%

NoTypeWeightingLearning Outcomes
1Individual Assignment20.00%1,2
2Individual Assignment40.00%3,4,5,6
3Individual Assignment40.00%1,2,4