This subject will assist students understand the importance of mathematic skills required for so many areas of sound management decision-making. It also seeks to provide a flexible, student-centred and academically rigorous program designed to develop students’ intellectual skills and competencies and give a critical insight into mathematical techniques as they apply to business. The subject seeks to prepare students who aspire to further academic study in other units including accounting, economics, finance, and statistics. Furthermore the subject will provide an introduction to basic mathematical techniques and their application to specific needs in business, with special reference to the assimilation, analysis and presentation of statistical and financial information for the services industry.

Learning Outcomes

a) Understanding the basic numerical, algebra and statistic tools

b) Understanding foundations of financial mathematics with a focus on time preference of money

c) Apply basic skills of numeracy to business decision making

d) Analysing accounting and financial data using ratios and time-series for financial decisions

e) Understand the limitations of numerical and statistical analysis in interpreting data

f) Understanding accounting and financial key concepts used in the business environment


Learning outcomes for this subject are assessed using a range of assessment tasks as described in the table below.

NoTypeWeightingAssessment due (week/s)Subject learning outcomes to be assessed
1Quiz10.00%Week 3a & c
2Mid-Term Exam20.00%Week 7a, c & e
3Group Assignment20.00%Week 10a, b, c, d & f
4Final Exam50.00%Exam Weeksa, b, c, d, e & f

Most assessment tasks are submitted using the Learning Management System, Moodle. For more instruction on submitting the assessment tasks, please refer to the instruction in Moodle for more specific information of the subject assessment submission requirements.

There are penalties for late submission of assessment tasks.

If you would like to request for an extension to submission deadline of your assessment or would like to request for a deferred assessment, you need to meet the eligibility requirements.

Broad topics to be covered

  • Statistics I – Data and Presentation
  • Statistics II – Statistical Measures
  • Statistics III – The Normal Distribution
  • Statistics IV – Probability
  • Algebra and Modelling – Algebraic Skills and Techniques
  • Algebra and Modelling – Modelling Linear Relationships
  • Statistics V – Correlation
  • Mathematics for Finance I
  • Mathematics for Finance II
  • Mathematics for Accounting

Please note that these topics are often refined and subject to change so for up to date weekly topics and suggested reading resources, please refer to the Moodle subject page.