Yidi (Martin) Du

Yidi (Martin) Du

My name is Yidi (Martin) Du, I’m from ShenZhen China, and am currently studying as part of the Australian Foundation Program. I will follow this with the Diploma of Business from Aspire so that I can pathway into the 2nd year of a bachelor degree at University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

By the time I have finished the diploma at Aspire, I will have completed the first year of the UTS, which means I will only need to successfully complete two more years at UTS to graduate with an bachelor degree. I am confident that the UTS degree will provide me with the knowledge and skills required to excel in my career.

To get there, Aspire’s superb English teaching system is a big factor for international students. The learning journey has been exceptional. It’s complemented by the friendliness of my classmates and the enthusiasm of our teachers. The teaching methodology encourages us to ask questions anytime during the class, ensuring we grasp all concepts fully.

I can study at either the ICMS Northern Beaches campus in Manly or at the City Campus in the city of Sydney. The convenience and flexibility is a great help, particularly if students choose to live and work in Sydney while studying.

Being here at Aspire, before I continue on my study path at UTS, has provided me with a clear direction for my future studies and helped me discover my true passions.

For prospective students, I wholeheartedly recommend Aspire as your educational choice. It’s an optimal environment for mastering English, integrating into Australian society, and creating a path for advanced studies at universities such as UTS through the Aspire Foundation.

I am grateful for the solid foundation that this program has provided me, offering me a unique learning experience that has set me up for future success.