Erin Gray


Diploma of Event Management

Industry training as part of Aspire Institute graduate Erin Gray’s studies meant she could transition seamlessly from intern to full-time staffer after she graduated with a Diploma of Event Management in 2018. 

Aspire Institute is owned, governed and operated by the prestigious International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS). Located in Northern Beaches, NSW, Sydney, Aspire offers higher education pathways, in partnership with distinguished Australian universities and colleges, and offers a range of non-award and undergraduate pathway programs articulating to a number of bachelor degrees.

Gray worked as an intern at AV1, a production company based in Waterloo, while completing her Event Management diploma. Industry training is built into every degree and diploma offered by Aspire and ICMS, which is also based in Northern Beaches, NSW, Sydney. It was this industry training that led directly to Gray being employed full-time at AV1 after graduating as Production Coordinator with Sprintr By AV1. 

“Industry training allowed me to understand what was necessary for a role in this business. It provided me with the chance to see what kind of jobs are available and how best to place myself on the right path for my career,” Gray said.  

“It also provided me with a variety of experiences which allowed me to refine my skills and become a better representation for a professional student in the Events Industry.” 

At AV1, Gray started as their company-wide intern, sampling in each division, but mostly as an operations team assistant where she helped with data entry as well as assisting on a variety of jobs onsite.  

She began working with the ‘Sprintr By AV1’ team and became skilled in their innovative Registration System and Event App offering that is used for exhibitions, events and conferences around Australia and abroad. Soon after commencing work with this department Gray worked solely within this team and this is where she gained a full-time position.  

The variety within the industry is something that excites Gray and keeps her motivated.  

“I’m never not enthusiastic about the work I’m doing. You meet so many people and get to provide a service that is memorable and that makes people’s event experience the best it can be. I like making people happy and in my role I get to do that every day,” she said.  

“In the future I see myself within the same industry providing the best service I can, perhaps in a new and exciting destination, still in a role that I enjoy. But I don’t like thinking too far ahead otherwise I believe you get distracted from the ‘now’, and ‘right now’ is pretty great.”  

While the location of the Aspire campus was a drawcard – in beautiful Manly with stunning beaches on the campus doorstep and Sydney just a ferry away – it was the industry training that was the clincher when deciding where Gray wanted to study after school.  

“It was the promised industry training that pushed me to attend Aspire, linked as it is with ICMS. I’m a hands-on learner and I think that was what sealed the deal for me because it meant I would be out in the workforce experiencing things,” she said.   

“ICMS and Aspire were the foundation for my growth within the industry. Being able to take what I learned at lectures and put it directly into action with such positive results is amazing. This alongside the college’s willingness to support my endeavours and to help me push on further in my career is a privilege. I am immensely thankful for the college’s backing and look forward to give back to the community even more so now as an alumnus.”  

Her advice to future students was clear: “Go for it because you’ve got nothing to lose by coming here. It is such a social and educational environment that it is impossible not to make friends. The classes are small so you always feel like you’re heard and you can engage with the content in the best way possible. It’s just the perfect base for building your future career.” 

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